100%-podden meets Elaine Young, tantric shaman

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I first met Elaine Young in Guatemala, where I attended my first ISTA-training. It was quite and adventure to do that exploration in an, to me, unknown part of the world. Since then I have met this amazing shamanic breath worker several times. And now I got the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with her.

We meet in Ashwem beach in Goa, and as usual I met her openminded, curious and playful, with no questions prepared. And we went deep in this talk. If you know little or nothing about feminin and masculine energy, this is an opportunity to learn more. And what happens in you if you fear that someone could be disappointed at you? And what could be the reason for you feeling exhausted? And are you in contact with you personal power.... Well topics like that!

And it was amazing to sit in the warmth in India, having this meeting, experiencing how Elaine really found her answers from within, notice the little pause that sometimes happens between my question and her answer...

Here you can find more about Elaine Young.

This is a #100procentpodden SPECIAL in English. Most of the episodes are in Swedish, since that is my mother tongue, and since I live in Sweden. 

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