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 My first meeting with Matt Schwenteck happened at the sexsibilityfestival in Öland in 2013. I attended one of his workshops around sacred sexuality and then we had a session together. I remember it like it was yesterday, since it was a powerful energetic meeting where I, one many levels, met 100% Charlotte, and felt my energy flowing and how powerful I can be.

Since then we have met at several occasions, at festivals, in workshops and in more social situations. Matt Schwenteck is, for me, a dedicated person who really wants to create a field where tantra and other sexual meetings can occur and where trauma is not happening. He knows a lot about our hormons, how different glands in our body is working. And I sense a willingness to create spaces where people can get in contact with the divine through tantric meetings. 

in 2015 Matt Schwenteck hosted Betty Martins first European tour, and I attended a four day workshop in  Berlin. Betty Martin is the creator of the wheel of consent - a tool that is excellent for all, and especially good for persons who work with massage and physcial touch, like Matt Schwenteck himself.

With a lover, we want to surrender. We want to feel safe and trust, to be soft, open and vulnerable, and to let go of defenses and resistance. To bring integrity to relating as sacred lovers, it requires clear agreements, which create trust, safety and surrender, while maintaining sovereignty. We make commitments to ourselves, first and foremost, from a place of self-love and respect.               Matt Schwenteck

In this talk you will hear him elaborate on what sacred sexuality is. And you might wonder, does he have intercourse with his clients? And the answer is a NO, in capital letters. Intercourse is for committed lovers, and in his life there is only one at a time.

Matt Schwenteck travels the globe, spreading his message of love and consent, giving workshops and sessions. At the moment he is in Peru, and I guess we might find him in Bali or Thailand later this winter. 

Here you find what he offers.

This is a #100procentpodden SPECIAL in English. Most of the episodes are in Swedish, since that is my mother tongue, and since I live in Sweden.

I hope you enjoy the space I create and here are links to some of the other episodes in English. Feel free to tell the world about 100%-podden.


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