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I met Ohad Ezrahi the first time a year ago. I went to a week long ISTA-training and the theme was literally life and death. During a week I was wandering in the underworld, meeting death in a both metaphorical and practical sense, coming out of the training bursting of life. One of many reborn experiences I have gathered the last 20 years of my life.

Ohad was one of the facilitators of this training, singing, storytelling, and teaching from deep knowledge from many traditions.  And I was fascinated by his courage to break free from conditioning and be part of starting a new tribe in Israel, filled with love and challenges.

Next time I met him was in Greece, as a part of a big ISTA-gathering and then I went to Poland to assist an ISTA Level 1 training, where Ohad once again was one of the facilitators and I was part of the assisting team.

It's in the middle of that particular week this interview was made. We had done a lot of ceremonies around our relationships to fatrher, mother, brother and sister, and were closing in to the time of the training were we should have the possibility to meet sacred dimensions of ourselves and our fellow travelers.

It was special to be in Poland, where jews were murdered during the holocoast, and now being in the middle of a group consisting of people from Poland, Israel and many european countries. It was as if some great healing wrok happened that week, grace to all of us in the circle - with a special thanks to Ohad for leading it.

And my own personal life is a mystery. Just a week ago I decided to go to Israel, where I am going to meet Ohad again. So in a few days I will meet the heat of the israeli soil, and be part of a ISTA conference, in a country I have hardly visited before. It will be very exciting to see Ohad "at home" and get a glimps of the growing tribe over there.

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This is a #100procentpodden SPECIAL in English. Most of the episodes are in Swedish, since that is my mother tongue, and since I live in Sweden.

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