100%-podden SPECIAL meets tantra goddess Estera Saraswati


Every time I meet her I am reminded: There are goddesses walking on this Earth, and Estera Saraswati is, to me, one of them.
And not just a goddess, but a blossoming, abundant tantric goddess.
And in August she comes to Sweden to be part of the tantrafestival at Ängsbacka - more about that in the end of this post.

Last summer I met Estera the first time. She was one of the facilitators at the ISTA Level 1 training at Ängsbacka (a transformational experience including sexuality, spirituality and shamanism). And to me she embodies a tantric goddess, with deep connections to Mother Earth and more sublime powers.

And then I met her in Greece, and some times I just needed to approach her, and greet her inner and outer goddess. It’s something in her being, that absolutely amazes me.

Parts of it, I guess, is that I felt in contact with her divine nature, but it’s not just that. I felt her force, her willingness to bring transformation to this world. In some moments I see a Kali in her, in others an Afrodite. 

In the greek archipelago I saw her standing in the prow of the boat, almost like a  figurehead,or a sea goddess, and letting her whole body being almost swallowed by the heavy waves. And in all that turbulence, and all this force of nature, I just saw a big smile on her face. It was like her power was more ignited by every wave. 
In other moments I saw her as a worshipper of the most divine feminine, the power of the yoni, and in other moments, just standing in a star position, on deck, letting the Mediterreanean wind almost catch her.

And then I went to Poland, her land, her country, and I sank in to the Polish earth during an intensive week of ISTA Level 1 again. And there I also met her beloved Zenon D Dorje, and when in an embrace with him I could feel my inner vibration very strongly activated.

So this high energy couple have created a method they call The Four pillars of tantra together. They wanted to create something that can suit men and women of our time, and which is possible to learn, even if you are not aquainted with the world of tantra before.

– It’s a fast track to the essence of tantra, a path of embodied spirituality and ecstatic self-liberation from matrix illusions, says Estera.

In february I made this interview with Estera, when hosting a evening workshop on The four pillars of tantra,  in Stockholm. It was a deep meeting and I am happy to have her on my podcast. 

Read more about the work of Estera Saraswati.



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