100%-podden SPECIAL meet Robert Silber


If someone would have told Robert Silber some twenty years ago, that he would become a sacred sexuality teacher traveling the world, giving workshops, trainings and session, I wonder what he would have said.

Sometimes life takes the most unexpected turns. And in Robert a personal search for truth and freedom led him in to realms of touch, massage, tantra and a life with intimacy, pleasure and living on the edge.

Last time I met Robert was in MidSeptember, at the ISTA Core Gathering, and I got a private hour with him, microphone in hand, and we spoke about love, desire, fear and of course about sexuality.

This fall his traveling around Europe giving workshops, before going home to Hawaii, when the winter storm starts hitting our part of the planet. 


In a month Robert Silber comes to give a first time ever workshop in Stockholm Sweden and you are warmly welcome to a weekend of Conscious Sensuality November 20-22. Until October 20 there is a generous early bird-price. Read more here.

And if you feel curious, but a bit reluctant, there is an evening the 19th, where you can feel the space he is creating together with you and other brave souls. Check it out here.

Here you can read more about Roberts mission

Here you can read more about the Tantra festival in Hawaii.

Here is a short clip with Robert and me - not included in the podcast.

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