100%-podden meets Jonina Aradottir

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Sometimes when I look at Jonina Aradottir I have an image of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. The dragon queen, you know? I see her as a queen of fire and ice, coming from the icy landscape in Iceland, living close to geysirs and icebergs.

I have met her at several occasions, sensing both her strength and her vulnerability. And if you listen to her lyrics, you can get an idea about where she was in life when that particular piece of music was created. It's like she shares her life thru her music. And when giving concerts, she stands there, with her accoustic guitar, her voice and her story, and we listen, and her words and the music easily reach into the hearts of the listeners.

As a child she sang, and she went on singing, just for fun, until one day when she got the insight that she really could live her dream. And in this epiosode you will know much more about that.

Enjoy the fire, ice and energy of Jonina Aradottir.


Here is her homepage.

And here is one of her songs.

Why 100%-podden?

The world is filled with people who live their dreams and listen to their hearts. It's both inspiring and encouraging to listen to them, to meet them, and to talk to them. 

The podcast was born from curiosity, wonder and a longing to share, the amazement of being.

I started the podcast in 2015. Most of the episodes are in Swedish, but now and then I have the opportunity to meet people from other parts of the planet... and sometimes a meeting happens.

I have been working as a journalist for more than 35 years and the least 20 years I've searched the answer to the question: Who am I? The result is an ongoing inner journey, that has made me more real, more in the moment, more stable. And from these spaces I meet people in the podcast.

I have no prepared questions, and I meet them with my curiosity and presence. I hold the space for the call, and then we dive in the water together, and the depth of our meeting is dependent on the flow of the moment.

I do this as part of my mission to be a warrior of love. I still have no economy in this project, but i go on (now nearly 100 episodes). I am really proud to say I do all the work myself - and at the same time I have a great longing for co-operation. If you would like that, please tell me. <3

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I hope you enjoy the space I create and here are links to some of the other episodes in English. Feel free to tell the world about 100%-podden.


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